Quincy Xavier Morgan, bestselling author, speaker, and CEO of Succession Solutions, shares insights into the power of the right mindset and how to be a master influencer in our lives.

Quincy Xavier Morgan, a.k.a. QXM, is one of the best-selling authors on the planet. His books include Money Make More Money, Masterminds Group, The Motivation Manifesto, Influence Without Bias, and more. Quincy has built a reputation for helping people learn how to earn money, influence others, and make a difference. He’s one of the world’s highest-earning motivational speakers, coaches, and consultants.

How to Make Money & Influence People – Quincy Xavier Morgan

If you want to make money, you should think about where you can work. You will have to spend some time thinking about this, but it can pay off big time if you are persistent. The first thing you should do is look for a job. You should always be trying to learn new things. This will help you to stay competitive in the job market. Another thing that you should do is save money. You will need it for the future. The sooner you start saving money, the better. You can save money in a lot of ways. One of the best things that you can do is to cut down on your spending.

4 Steps to Building Wealth and Influence

1) First, you need to understand that wealth and influence don’t happen by chance. They happen through hard work, perseverance, consistency, and patience.

2) It takes hard work, perseverance, consistency, and patience.

3) Third, you need to be persistent, determined, and consistent to build wealth and influence.

4) Fourth, you must stay focused on your goals.

3 Keys to Influencing People

There are three keys to influencing others:

1. Be confident. If you don’t feel confident about yourself, no one else will either. You have to be confident to influence others.

2. Be assertive. No one wants to be around a pushover. If you don’t assert yourself, no one else will either. You need to be assertive to influence others.

3. Be sincere. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. If you don’t believe in what you are saying, no one else will either.

5 Keys to Building Influence

To build influence, we need to learn the right way to approach other people. If you want to make an impact on other people, you should talk about the things you care about and the things that are important to you. People will respect you if you’re honest and sincere. Always treat people with respect and listen to what they say.

One of the keys to building influence is confidence. Confidence helps you to show people that you can do a job well. You must know what you are talking about. If you have a great deal of experience with a particular subject, people will listen to what you say. Being knowledgeable is very important.

Why You Should Make Money and Influence People

Making money and influencing people are two very different things. Making money requires effort and work. It takes time and it takes a lot of money and energy. All you need is a friendly face and the ability to listen. Influencing people is easy.

How to Make Money & Influence People: The Story

How to Make Money & Influence People is a classic book that was first published in 1937. This book gives tips to successful people on how they can get ahead in life. The author, Dale Carnegie, says that he has learned much from his own failures and other people’s successes.


The main takeaway from this book is that if you want to do well, you must do good. It is not enough to be successful in your endeavors. You must be willing to make others successful in theirs. You must do good to be good, and the key to being good is to be good to people.

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