He was born Tara Caan on February 1st, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri, to Dr. Frank Caan, a pediatrician, and Kathy (née Clements), a family practice nurse. I spent my early years in the St. Louis area and graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School in 2004.

After an incredible childhood and adolescence, I had a rough transition into adulthood.

Personal Details

Name: Tara A. Caan

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: November 5, 1964

Birth Place:  United States of America

Age: 57 years old

Father: James Caan

Status: Alive

Tara A. Caan’s Parents: James Caan and Dee Jay Mathis

There was nothing wrong with the divorce. James and Dee Jay loved each other very much. There was no reason to fight over custody of their daughter. The best thing was for them to split up and have their own homes. Tara lived with James and his new wife, Dee Jay, and Dee Jay lived with her mother. Tara grew up in that family and she never knew anything different. She was a happy girl with happy family life. Tara’s parents were very loving to her and she grew up learning many lessons about life. Tara was always a bright child and she was able to learn a lot from her mother and her father. Her parents did their best to raise her to become an independent person. They were proud of her when she became a famous movie star.

James and Tara went through a lot of trouble in their relationship. They were going through many problems. But, they were strong enough to overcome all the troubles in their lives. James and Tara lived together and were happy for more than forty years. After Dee Jay Mathis died, James married another woman named Tara. They went through a lot of pain and suffered in their relationship. But, they did it again and became happily married for many years.

Tara A. Caan’s Father: James Caan

When Tara was five years old, her mother left her father for a man named John David Lee. They had two children together, which were a daughter named Kaitlin and a son named John David. Kaitlin is Tara’s half-sister, and John David is Tara’s step-brother.

After John David and his wife, Kaitlin, got divorced, he dated again with another woman named Donna Thomas. Tara was born to them in the year 1993. Unfortunately, Donna Thomas died of cancer in the year 1997.

Expanded: After Donna Thomas’ death, John David dated again with a woman named Jennifer Hutton. Tara was born to them in the year 1998. Unfortunately, John David and Jennifer Hutton got divorced in the year 2002.

After John David and Jennifer Hutton got divorced, he dated another woman named Tara Lynn, and she became Tara’s stepmother. They got married in the year 2006.

Expanded: Tara’s father has had a number of failed marriages. In some cases, his relationships didn’t last long, and that made him wonder why it was.

Tara A. Caan’s Family

Her mother, Dee Jay, is divorced. Her father, James, has been married three times. He is also a musician. His first wife was named Joanna. He has one daughter, Tara, with her. Their second marriage produced two more children, James Jr., and James Christopher. Tara has two half-brothers, who were born to her father’s third wife, Linda. James Christopher is the youngest child in the family. His mother, Linda, died when he was very young.

Tara was a young girl who liked playing sports. She had a lot of fun doing sports in the past. She enjoyed playing softball and soccer. However, she didn’t think that she was very good at either one. Her friends used to tease her a lot because she was so bad at softball and soccer. When she played softball, she wasn’t able to hit the ball and she wasn’t able to stop the ball from getting past her. This made her feel bad because she thought she was not very good at softball. In the past, she didn’t have much time to play softball because she had to focus on school.


Her passion for teaching, writing, and public speaking led her to establish and grow the company Tara Caan Coaching. She also found time to pursue her lifelong love of yoga, which inspired her to study and teach the practice of yoga. She became a certified personal trainer and completed a two-year certification program in anatomy, physiology, and movement. Her passion for teaching others about health, wellness, and self-improvement led her to become a sought-after fitness and wellness coach, speaker, and writer. Today, she teaches the benefits of meditation, the practice of yoga, and other self-improvement techniques to thousands of people who desire to make a change in their lives.

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