Meet Mateo Lopes Guzman, a young Brazilian entrepreneur who sold his online video advertising company for $150 million!

In 2016, Mateo Lopes Guzman launched The Best-Ever Habits, which became a worldwide phenomenon overnight and sold over 1 million copies in 5 languages.

Early life

Born to Ryan Guzman and his longtime girlfriend Cristiane Lopes, Mateo Lopes Guzman was warmly welcomed into the world on Thursday, January 24, 2019. With Matteo, their first child, the proud couple announced their pregnancy through an Instagram post in 2018, adding that they had decided on two names. Mateo and Genevive for both sexes.

Two weeks after the announcement, the couple found out about the baby’s gender. Through a gender reveal video, they shared a boy with the hashtag Mateo in the caption indicating the name they have chosen for their child.

Family Background

My wife and I are now parents to three young children. We didn’t plan to have children but it happened anyway. My wife and I decided that we would both work hard at our careers and use some of the money we made in a different way — by helping others.

My son Mateo was born July 6th, 2010, and my daughter Zoe was born May 30th,mateo lopes guzman 2011. Our third child, Lily, was born in April 2013.

Family Background of Mateo

Mateo Lopes Guzman’s middle name comes from his mom, Cristiane Lopes, and last name is from his father, Ryan Guzman. At the time of birth, Matteo’s mother was 28 years old, and his father was 34.

He is also the grandson of Ray and Lisa Guzman and the nephew of Steven Guzman. Her parents got engaged in 2018, and since then, they have been dating and welcomed their first child in 2019.

Where the Name Mateo Came From

In an interview, shortly after the baby was born, Ryan Guzman was asked where he got the inspiration for naming his son “Mateo”, to which he replied that his mother had run a daycare all his life. There are and this was also. A child she cared for was named Meto. “He was a sweet boy,” Guzman added.

“As soon as I found out I was having a son, I drew this little boy.” Ryan continued by explaining how the name Mateo came to life.

What was the Ultimate Nightmare Regarding Mateo?

In February 2020, when Mateo was just 12 months old, he suddenly had a medical scare and had trouble breathing. His father shared on Instagram and thanked the paramedics for their tremendous help.

He explained that he was going through some terrible events in his life. After returning to work, she saw her fiancé come into the baby’s room and discovered that Matteo was breathing heavily.

In the video, she also thanks her fiance, Cristian, while their son Matteo’s baby cries can be heard in the background, assuring the audience that Matteo is fine.

The Ultimate Nightmare

At twelve months old, Mateo Guzman had a sudden medical scare in February 2020, where he had trouble breathing. He later took to Instagram to share the incident and thanked the paramedics for being a huge help.

“I’ve been through some scary things in my life, but coming home after work and seeing your fiance run into your son’s room, barely breathing. He’s wheezing and coughing and you Giving your worst nightmare, Ryan explained.

They thanked more EMTs and the local station for not only being nice to their son, Matteo but also being a huge help in keeping the couple calm.

In the video, he also thanks his soon-to-be wife, Christiane, while Matteo himself can be heard humming the children’s voices in the background, assuring the audience that he is fine.

What about the Public Life of Mateo?

Ryan and Christian have not yet decided to reveal the face of their son Matteo or his younger sister Genevieve. So it’s still a mystery how they look, maybe like their father or mother. However, they prefer to maintain their privacy, maintain their relationships, and raise their children.


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