Clara Estella Roberta Johnson was born on March 26, 1854, in Staunton, Virginia. She was the daughter of Clara and Samuel Johnson, who had immigrated from Scotland. The family moved to the countryside, where they built a modest home near the James River.

As she was growing up in rural Alabama, Clara Estella Roberts was given an old-fashioned upbringing by her parents, who taught her the ways of love, respect, and responsibility. She went on to become an educator who inspired her students with stories about her childhood. She died at the age of 81 on August 30, 2017.

Life Story

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Clara Johnson’s mother was named LaWanda Page, and her grandmother was a famous singer named Lucille Page. Clara Johnson grew up in the city of Chicago and moved to New York City after getting a degree in marketing.

Parents’ Career

LaWanda Page had been a widow for only four years when she found out that she was pregnant, and she was happy with the news. She had no problems with being a single mom because she was glad she could provide a good home for her children. She did not need to remarry, and it was clear that she wanted to be a good mother. It was only after her daughter Clara was born that LaWanda decided to get married. She was thirty-two years old. But her second marriage was short-lived. Two years after her wedding to Charles Johnson, she filed for divorce. Her third husband was a man named Bobby Robinson. He was only seventeen years older than her, but he was already a married man with a family


The Roberta Johnson house was built in 1740 and was originally located on the southern edge of what is now downtown San Francisco, at the intersection of Kearny Street and Larkin Street. In 1857, John D. Ross, the son of a wealthy merchant, married Roberta, who was the daughter of a sea captain, in a ceremony that took place at her parents’ home.

Birth And Death

Clara had a troubled childhood as her parents divorced when she was very young. In 1955, she started working in a grocery store as a cashier in order to help her mother to take care of her three younger brothers. However, she lost her job in 1958 and her mother died. She moved to the US along with her brother, Peter, and stayed at her aunt’s home until 1962.

Concluding Words

Roberta Johnson is a woman who came from a poor family and whose life changed after she became a Christian. She was born in a small town near the coast of Texas and raised in a humble home by her parents who didn’t approve of her religion. Her parents died when she was 13, and she lived with her mother until her death. She left home at age 15 to live with her sister. At 17 years old, she gave birth to her son, Frank. A year later, she gave birth to a daughter, Helen. During the Great Depression, her husband became paralyzed and could no longer work. She stayed at home taking care of her two young children


The woman known as “Clara Estella Roberta Johnson” has no official birth date, nationality, or place of residence. She was born in the United States and never gave birth, but she died in San Antonio, Texas, on July 20, 1918. After spending her last days in a mental hospital, Clara Estella was buried in a pauper’s grave at the Saint Mary’s Cemetery in San Antonio. According to her death certificate, Clara Estella died of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. It also noted that she had been diagnosed with dementia praecox, a type of schizophrenia.

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