Cubase is able to export OMF files (Open Media Format), a sort of simplified container file that contains certain basic information about the project in its raw form. Go to File > Export > OMF to see the options window.

Create custom file name chains

The Export Audio Mixdown window is very powerful. As well as allowing channel batch export in the column on the left, you can specify naming conventions for the exported stems. Click the Naming Scheme button and you can drag naming elements into the Result field to create a chain. This saves you time manually adding text to file names later and also makes exported data far easier to keep track of.

Realtime export for external gear

In the Audio Engine Output section of the Export window, there’s a box you can tick called Real-Time Export. If your project exists entirely within Cubase and all instruments and effects are being processed internally, you can leave this switched off. If however, you have external hardware instruments or effects connected as part of a project, being triggered by MIDI or processing sound in real-time, you will need to use real-time export so that the sounds are actually triggered correctly and can be made part of the final export.

How do I define mono-downmix Cubase?

With this feature, you can record your music or audio recording without having to interrupt your work. It lets you focus on your music or audio while the software exports your destination such as a CD or DAW. This is useful if you’re working in a specific genre and want to make a CD for your friends.

If you’re using multiple speakers or headphones, you can always use the mono-downmix feature. This saves time and makes sure you’re not mixing your tracks that could potentially damage speakers or earphones. To create a mono mix, simply select your entire song and then press the M key.

How do I use Batch Export within Cubase?

Another way to speed up your workflow is to have your favorite audio editor save a project file every time you save a project. When you’re done working on your project, open it and select “Save All Project Files”. Now you have a saved project file for each version of the project. This speeds up your workflow because you don’t need to save the project every time.

Export Audio Mixdown

The Export Audio Mixdown function allows you to mix down and export all audio that is contained between the left and right locators of a project or in ranges defined by cycle markers.


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