Photocard Binder is an innovative tool for organizing, printing and storing your business cards. Use this easy-to-use app to create, organize and print your business cards with just a few taps.

Photocard Binders are ideal for any type of event where you need to display and/or collect business cards. We use these everywhere at our company, from networking events, to happy hour gatherings, to even meetings at the coffee shop. Photocard Binders have saved us thousands of dollars each year and allowed us to quickly collect and print hundreds of new business cards every month. The great thing about Photocard Binders is that they’re portable. Our Photocard Binders are perfect for events such as:

How a Photocard Binder Works

The photocard binder (often referred to simply as a binder) is one of the most commonly used tools in office settings. It is a flexible, sturdy card holder that provides a neat and orderly way to keep your business cards organized and within easy reach. The binder can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Business card holders are a great tool to organize your business cards. A binder holds all your business cards in one place, so that when you need one, you know exactly where to find it.

A photocard binder is a system used to collect contact info, marketing materials, and other materials for customers. A customer comes into your store or website and you give them one of these binders to fill out with all their contact and marketing information. You then go back to your office and take all this information and organize it in a database for future reference. A typical binder includes a front cover, pocket, pocket inserts, dividers, and a back cover.

Create Your Own Photocard Binder

Whether you’re selling business cards, brochures, magazines, or something else, a photocard binder is an inexpensive, easy, and efficient way to create an impressive marketing tool for your clients and prospects. A photocard binder is essentially a three-ring binder with a pocket on one side and plastic sleeves on the other. Inserting cards into the pockets is quick and easy.

Most businesses start by focusing on a single client or a few potential clients. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, starting out small is often the best way to build up a list of clients and gain confidence in your skills. The trick is to build a consistent presence and establish yourself as a legitimate source of information on your niche. When you have a consistent presence online, you will start getting the attention of people who would want to hire you for your services.

Choose The Right Photocard Binders

The last psychology principle on this list is the strongest form of any: it’s self-control. We’re always saying that we can’t have it all, but in fact, we can. To achieve this, we must decide which goals are the most important to us and give those goals our undivided attention. The same is true for our time. Our time is valuable, so if we’re trying to do multiple things, we have to decide which is most important and do it. When we’re deciding which goals to pursue, we should weigh our personal priorities against each other.

Set Up a Photocard Binder

A photocard binders is a tool for visually organizing contacts. It’s easy to keep in your purse, pocket, and desk drawer. You can also print out cards, save them on the Internet or on a computer, and have them printed as needed.

The second point of psychology is called loss aversion. It’s really all about the difference between wanting and needing. And when you don’t need something, you’re more apt to resist the urge to purchase. But when you truly need something – like a new car – you might not be so picky. You’ll be willing to accept a slightly older model or a different color if that’s all that’s available. So, if you want your visitors to purchase from your site, then make sure that they know that they need to make the purchase now in order to avoid missing out on a good deal.

How to Print Your Photocard Binders

Whether you need help printing your photocard binder or you want to create a custom photo album, the process is really easy. There are several steps involved, but they’re all relatively quick and easy, says Amy D. Shultz, an expert on digital imaging, web design, and online marketing at Once you’ve decided on the size and type of photos you want, print it out, cut it up into pieces, and put it back together again. Then start adding the individual pages to your photobook, either by hand or using a photo organizer like iPhoto, Photoshop, or PhotoMechanic.

How to Display Your Photocard Binders

It’s really simple. Just take all of your business cards and put them in clear plastic photo albums. Put one album in the office, one in the kitchen, and one in the car. If you want to go with more color, just add your own color scheme. Once you’ve got those binders sorted, the next step is making sure your contact info is easy to find. So keep a note pad handy and write down all of your contacts’ names, numbers, email addresses, and websites. When you’re done, grab a dry erase marker, draw out the layout, and fill in any blanks you need.


The paper stock is recycled and printed on both sides so you can print double-sided cards. This saves you money because you aren’t paying twice as much as other card printers. Photocard offers a wide variety of designs and colors. Their binder is ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and any other occasion when you want to give out greeting cards.

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