877-311-5134 is the phone number for the White House. It was created in 1983 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a temporary placeholder number.

The number is a phone number you’ve never called, but it’s become a familiar one. Since the start of 2008, we’ve seen the number appear on caller ID screens across the country. We receive calls from all over the world. We’re not sure why the number is so familiar, but we’re guessing that it has something to do with the large number of people who have dialed the number and received a message stating that there is no record of the recipient being alive.

Avoid answering calls from unknown callers:

It may seem rude to decline an incoming phone call from a stranger who appears to be calling about a sale or some other business deal, but in fact it’s quite common for consumers to ignore incoming calls unless it’s someone they know or trust. And they’re almost never going to take the time to pick up when they hear a phone ring if they don’t recognize the caller’s voice. So if you want to cut down on the number of people who call your store, it might be worth the effort to set up a voicemail system that lets people leave messages, even if they don’t have your business’s contact info.

Utilize caller ID applications:

This is a useful tip for any business that’s been around for a while, especially if you don’t have a dedicated phone system. When you make calls, the people on the other end can listen in on your conversation via your cell phone’s microphone. The same can happen the other way around. If you receive a call, you’ll hear a recording of the incoming call.

Never give out personal information, a PIN, or other credentials over the phone:

There are certain situations where you shouldn’t have to share your personal information, a pin, or other credentials with a third party. These include, but are not limited to, telephone sales and services; websites asking for your credit card details; and when someone calls your house to deliver something. If you are asked for any of these, you should say no immediately. Don’t argue with them; just hang up. In most cases, there are automated systems in place to handle such calls, so don’t worry that you’ll get hit with a huge bill.

How can you prevent being conned by 877-311-5134?

A lot of consumers think that the telephone number that starts with “8” and ends with “7” is somehow special. And it’s true that there are a ton of businesses that use the number 877-311-5134 to trick people into calling and leaving voicemails. But that doesn’t mean that all numbers that start with the digits 877 and end in 7 are scams. Instead, consider looking for the phone number in the “Where To Go” section of Google Maps (www.google.com/maps). Then, try plugging the number into the Yellow Pages and see if it appears in the listing. If you don’t find anything, don’t

Before we continue on to the second psychology principle, we need to address the first one: the importance of creating a sense of urgency. This is an important part of the reason why the 877-311-5134 scammer was successful in their marketing. They were very clear in their message: “Buy our product NOW!” They made it sound urgent.

What circumstances might present themselves?

In addition to urgency, there are other circumstances which might present themselves during the sale process. These can include:

• Social proof: A sense of social pressure to buy a product. The most common example is the friend who says, “I bought a $20 dress just like that one,” or, “I just bought a $50 pair of pants because I saw how much my friend paid for hers.”

How should you proceed if you suspect fraud?

So, you receive an email from a company that appears suspicious. If you do, you’re opening yourself up to malware or even ransomware. If you’re the victim, you probably want to notify the authorities, but what if you’re a business owner? Should you report the charge or not? If you’re going to report, what should you say? Here are some tips to help guide you through the process.


If they’re calling you on the other end of the line, then you should know that they’re calling to schedule an appointment for you. If you don’t have an 877-311-5134 cell phone number, you should probably find out what it means because it doesn’t sound very good at all. It may be a warning sign of something bad.


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