How old was Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? If you’re asking yourself, “Who is Richard Gere?” then this article is for you.

Richard Gere played in one of the most beloved romantic comedy ever made “Pretty Woman”. He starred in the movie with Julia Roberts. His acting was flawless, but he also looked good in his younger days. Check out these pictures from his younger days!

How old was Richard Gere in Pretty Woman?

As a matter of fact, he was 48 years old. He was 46 when he played the part of the rich man who falls in love with the waitress played by Julia Roberts in the 1994 rom-com film Pretty Woman. The couple is shown to be deeply in love in the movie’s opening scene, when Richard Gere kisses Julia Roberts in the middle of the street. The pair fall in love after a series of events unfold, and end up meeting at the restaurant where Richard had dinner with his date the previous evening. After a series of misunderstandings, Richard Gere proposes marriage to Julia Roberts, and she accepts.

Is Richard Gere still attractive?

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Why is Richard Gere’s character not popular anymore?

The character of a movie or TV show is often defined by a single iconic scene. In the case of “Pretty Woman,” it is a scene between Richard Gere’s character and Julia Roberts’ character. This scene is known as the “money shot” and is one of the most-viewed scenes in the history of cable television. But this scene was not the defining scene of the movie. Rather, it was the relationship between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Who would play Richard

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Richard Gere was 50 years old when he played his first leading role in a movie, and now, he’s 55. That’s only a few years older than most actors start playing roles for a living. To do this, you can take advantage of the Hollywood system. Once you become an actor, you can usually go from job to job in the same company, and they will provide a script to read for each role. Most often, these are the same roles actors play over and over, so you’ll probably be able to build a good portfolio and land a big part on the first try.

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