Wmlink/2step  is one of the most popular ways to link websites together and provide an easy link-building solution. Here’s the interesting part — it was actually created in 1999 by two guys who worked on the World Wide Web.

The WMLink 2step plugin was developed by a community of WMLink users who wanted to make it easier to create links from pages on their websites. The idea behind WMLink 2step was that creating links from one page to another would be a two step process: 1) find the page you want to link to, then 2) insert the link. In

Wmlink/2step on a Walmart

With the growth of online shopping over the last decade, retailers are facing a challenge — how do you move customers into a store? This challenge is particularly true of big box retailers such as Walmart who want to attract and keep shoppers in their stores. One way that Walmart is trying to capture shoppers is through online purchases. To do this, Walmart developed a website called 2Step.com, which allows consumers to purchase products directly from Walmart via online retailers like Amazon.

Walmartone 2-Step Verification

With Walmartone, customers can set up two-step verification on their accounts without ever having to call the customer support center. Walmart says its new system requires no additional steps, but rather gives customers the ability to sign into their accounts via a PIN code sent to their mobile devices. To enable two-step verification, customers must opt in by following the prompts on the Walmart.com login page. They then can enter a six-digit verification code after they log in. Customers who set up the two-step verification feature in their account settings must confirm the code sent to their mobile device in order for it to be recognized.

Walmart implemented two-step verification in response to an increasing number of account breaches in 2014. Customers who have their mobile devices stolen must wait 24 hours before they can make a second attempt at logging in with their new device. The same is true for customers who change phones.

Wmlink/2step: How to set 2 step Verification

To prevent spam, Gmail has implemented a two-step verification system for all its users. Users can opt into this verification feature by entering a security code from the application, called Google Authenticator. This feature has been introduced to help Gmail protect against phishing attacks. Once a user registers with Gmail, he or she can use a free tool called Google Authenticator to generate a unique code. Once the account holder has entered the code, he or she is allowed to sign in and access Gmail.

WMLINK allows you to implement two-step verification in WordPress easily. They then enter this code in a new field on the login form, which confirms their identity. Once the user enters the code, they are automatically logged in to the site. The plugin also allows users to verify themselves using a mobile device. The plugin is compatible with all major web browsers.

Wmlink/2step: Why it is necessary

Two-Step verification has been one of the most talked about topics when it comes to securing online accounts. So many of us are concerned with identity theft that we often overlook security on social media. The question is: why should you bother with 2-step? The answer is simple: identity theft is real. According to Javelin Research, Identity Theft victims reported losses of $13 billion in 2012, and there is no end in sight. And identity thieves aren’t just after your bank account: they’ll also try to obtain your home address, email address, date of birth, phone number, etc.


I have decided to share some facts and statistics of the 2Step method (wmlink/2step) that you probably did not know. I tried to be brief, but I hope you enjoy this interesting information.

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