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Brain Health And Chocolate

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Eating chocolate can give you enormous health benefits. The world spends millions of dollars on chocolates every year. Companies make deliberate attempts to increase their product sales and use custom chocolate boxes wholesale to promote their brand. 

Most of the time, eating chocolate is associated with guilt. But if you learn about the benefits of dark chocolate, you will never regret eating it. By choosing chocolate with high cocoa content, you can get maximum benefits. 

To ensure that your chocolate is high in cocoa content, you can read the nutrition labels on the chocolate boxes wholesale. Chocolates can increase your brain function and prevent the brain from free radicals. 

Let’s discuss the effect of chocolate on your brain health. 

Benefits Of Chocolates 

People love eating chocolate, not only because of its taste but also because it makes people happy. It is one of the most complex foods that contains around 1500 biochemicals. Many of these biochemicals are linked with positive impacts on the brain, such as: 

  • Happiness 

Chocolates contain a high amount of endorphins. These endorphins act on the opiate receptors in the brain, consequently, give a happy feeling to the consumer. Endorphins also reduce the sensation of pain. 

Dark chocolate is a source of tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor of serotonin neurotransmitters. After eating chocolate, the body produces serotonin which is associated with improving mood. 

High cocoa-content chocolates are the best source of tryptophan. You can read on the wholesale chocolate packaging boxes about the cocoa content of your chocolate. 

  • Increase Cerebral Blood Flow 

Chocolates can help you boost your memory and learning ability. It is also proven to improve people’s reaction time and problem-solving ability. This is because chocolate contains flavonoids that increase the blood flow to the cerebral arteries. 

  • Kill Free Radicals 

Flavonoids, the antioxidants, can kill the free radicals in the brain. Our brain consumes 20 % of the total oxygen inhaled by us—the high consumption of oxygen results in an increase in the level of free radicals in the brain. 

Free radicals damage the brain like oxygen damages the iron and causes rust. By consuming dark chocolate, you can reduce the damage caused by free radicals.  Custom chocolate boxes wholesale protect the quality of chocolate and keep it fit for consumption. 

  • Improve Learning And Memory 

Several studies show that consumption of dark chocolate is associated with improved learning and memory. It also helps to improve focus. As we know, dark chocolate is high in flavonoids. These flavonoids accumulate in the brain and affect learning. 

The main target of flavonoids is the brain’s hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for learning. 

  • Stress Management

People who face high-stress levels are advised to take magnesium supplements, as magnesium is associated with lower cortisol levels, a stress hormone. 

Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and helps in the reduction of cortisol. If you want your natures valium, i.e., magnesium, then eat a healthy portion of chocolate. 

  • Limit Brain Damage

Another very beneficial impact of chocolates is that it limits and prevents brain damage. Although, damaged neurons can never regenerate themselves. But by eating dark chocolate, you can prevent further loss. 

Chocolate high in cocoa can help dementia patients and improve their brain health

How Companies Can Preserve The Quality Of chocolates 

Chocolates, though beneficial, can easily damage because of temperature variations. Oxygen can reduce their antioxidant content if the chocolates are not protected correctly. 

Therefore, companies must use chocolate boxes wholesale to protect their product adequately. These boxes are made of sturdy material that prevents product damage. You can also read the information on the packages to avoid overeating. 

Chocolate is a highly beneficial product when it comes to brain health. It is high in antioxidants and tryptophan. Both biochemicals are highly crucial for a healthy brain. 

Chocolates increase the blood flow to the crucial arteries in the brain and improve the brain’s learning ability. Athletes can also get benefits from chocolates as chocolates regulate the consumption of oxygen during moderate activity. 


Chocolates are associated with a healthy brain. Eating a small portion of dark chocolates can improve the non cognitive activity of the brain. You can retain your chocolates’ quality by using wholesale custom chocolate boxes.

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