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7 Types of Explainer Videos (How to Choose the Right One)

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It is hard to engage the viewer of your website. And that is why businesses use different marketing strategies to engage the viewer. But to engage the viewer the business has to explain to the viewer about the product or services. And let me tell you that if you want to explain it through text then it makes the customer bore and they might leave the website that is why you have to choose a way to explain the usage of the product and the stand-out features of it. And explainer videos are one of the most convenient ways to do it. But what is an explainer video? So, let’s talk about that.

What are Explainer videos?

As it is clear from its name that is a video that is for explaining a concept. These are animated videos that have elements that can easily explain any type of concept. Because the human eye loves to watch animations and because they are easy to understand. So, you can use it for storytelling or helping the customers to know about your product.  

Explainer videos are used for different purposes like you might have seen a YouTube storytelling telling video using whiteboard animation. Or you might see a video animation production on a website explaining the product or services. 

There are many types of Explainer videos and to choose the right one. First, you have to know what they are. And where are they used?

Why are these Explainer videos important?

These videos are effective because of the appealing and engaging elements in the animation videos. Because without using the explainer videos or any other types of videos the customer has to go through several website pages and read the information about it. And then he knows what he is searching for. But with explainer videos, you can explain the whole concept in just a few minutes. And these types of videos can be used to engage any age group. There is no need for language, and the characters or other elements are enough to explain almost anything. Like the color combinations, sound effects, and music the way to explaining.  

Types of Explainer videos:

1)Animation Explainer videos:

Most explainer videos are animated videos because some things can only be explained with just animated videos. And hard to explain through a live-action video.  

Live-action videos are hard to create, and they consume time and money also there is a limit to explaining in live-action videos. But with animated videos, you can add creativity to the videos and make the video of any concept possible. The mesmerizing way to present and the startling elements that help to connect with the brain and make it visually appealing to understand is the reason why they are 65% more successful than any other type of content.

2)2d Animated Videos:

You can use 2d animation videos for explanation purposes. These are the most used and popular types of animation. We have all seen the popular cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Those cartoons are an example of 2d animation videos. This animation is a 2-dimensional type of animation that helps the viewer to view and understand the concept from a specific angle and view. These types of animations are without any type of depth so that will help you to understand the topic clearly.

3)3d animation Explainer Videos:

3d animation videos provide a 3rd dimension to the videos and that is why they are expensive. But they also explain a topic more engagingly with a better view of the elements. These are the new ways to explain, attract, or build trust. These types of explainer videos are very engaging and visually appealing, but they are expensive and hard to update.

4)Screencast Explainer videos:

If you want to explain the usage of a website or application, then the best option is screencast explainer videos. Because it can tell the user how to interact with the website or the app in an engaging way. And the quality of the video is amazing that its user can’t ignore any step or remember all the steps.

You can easily connect with the human brain and solve their mind queries related to the functionalities and the features of the website or app.

5)Traditional Explainer Videos:

Traditional or live-action videos are also a way to explain something to your audience or tell them a story. And in this type of video a complete setup, crew, models, director, and a place to shoot is required to create a video. It is the most expensive type of explainer video and that is why less business creates this type of video.  

6)Whiteboard animation:

One of the most used ways to create an explainer video. And in this video, a whiteboard is present where the video creator adds elements like pictures according to the script of the videos. It is a clear and easy-to-understand way to explain a topic with clear drawing images that create a story in the brain of the viewer.  

7)Motion Graphics Animation:

This type of video is basically used for the intros in the movies and for videos in which text explanation is required. And they also use it for the explanation process. In this animation text animation is used and movement of the text and some images are used to create an illusion of animation.


Explainer videos are the best way to engage the viewer on your website. And helps them understand the product or services. Or tell them a story so they can trust the business. And that is why most businesses use these videos to boost the conversion rate of the audience. And these videos are also used for enhancing the visibility of the brand. There are 7 types of explainer videos, and you have to choose according to your product or services.

7 Types of Explainer Videos (How to Choose the Right One)
7 Types of Explainer Videos (How to Choose the Right One)











7 Types of Explainer Videos (How to Choose the Right One)
7 Types of Explainer Videos (How to Choose the Right One)
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